Days 4-6

…continued from the previous post…

Day Four – Karlstejn Castle

On our fourth full day we were more relaxed, enjoying more our first lie-in (8:30am) and travelling to Karlstejn, a tourist village and castle just a few miles from our accommodation.  After a forced march up to meet our tour at the castle, we then had a more leisurely few hours to travel back down the hill, sightseeing, taking photographs, and most importantly, spending our Koruna.

Karlstejn Castle, formed home of King Charles V

Karlstejn Castle, former home of King Charles V

Enjoying the more relaxed side of Karlstejn.

Enjoying the more relaxed side of Karlstejn.

Day Five – Slapy Reservoir

The following day, we again slept in (this time until 9am!), before heading out to spend the day at Slapy, a man-made reservoir popular with campers.  Pedalos were hired, and a well-spirited armada began, including several notable capsizes.

Pedalos at Slapy Reservoir.

The calm before the storm.

Panoramic of the lake.

Panoramic of the lake.

Day Six – Aquapalace Praha (Waterpark)

After time to visit the local town in the morning, our last water activity involved visiting Aquapalace Praha, the largest waterpark in the Czech Republic, with a sequence of rapid-style flumes that can only be described at chaotic.  The complex offered a host of rides and attractions – and several Scouts were amazed to find out afterwards of a whole other building with a wave pool and sunken shipwreck.


…to be continued…


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