Ready to depart?

Our departure is almost here, and it’s frankly quite amazing how quickly it’s crept up on us.  I have put together this post to guide you through the departure day and make sure everything runs smoothly.  You will also get a more formal letter via e-mail shortly.

  • Departure is from Church Street, Spondon.  Meet in the car park at 15:00 (3pm) on Monday 28 July.
  • You are allowed one bag for the hold, which you cannot access during the journey.  This should include your bedding, which should consist of a duvet cover, pillowcase and sheet.  No sleeping bags.
  • Your hand luggage should contain everything you need for the journey.
  • Scouts should wear their regular Scout shirt (the one the badges get sewn onto) with the UK necker.  They do not need their individual group necker.  A comfortable t-shirt should be worn underneath the Scout shirt so that they can take their shirt off on the coach.  They will wear their uniform at all services and on the ferry.
  • Packed lunch is needed for teatime.  Scouts should have a decent meal at lunch.  Our ferry crossing is around 11pm and we have be advised they may not by serving food at this time.  We will provide food for the following day’s breakfast and lunch.  No carbonated (fizzy) drinks or chewing gum are allowed on the coach.
  • Scouts will need to bring drinks for the journey, including a water bottle which is refillable (at services, etc…).  As mentioned above, these should not be carbonated.


The procedure on departure day is as follows:

1. Find your mentor and stay with your mentor group

2. Give your mentor your passport, EHIC, Czech spending money and any medicines you are currently taking

3. Collect your ID badge and luggage label – wear the badge and attach the label

4. I will give a briefing to the whole group, and then invite each mentor group to board the coach

5. When called, take your hold bag to be loaded onto the coach, get aboard and find a seat


We aim to depart at 15:30.


Kind regards,

Shaun Maskrey

Contingent Lead. – Czech Republic 2014



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