Monthly Archives: July 2014

The blog is changing…

When we are in the Czech Republic, the purpose of this blog will change.  So far it has been a repository for information and documents, but during the trip (internet access allowing!) we aim to publish a blog each day which tells you about what we are getting up to.  So far it’s been all […]

Ready to depart?

Our departure is almost here, and it’s frankly quite amazing how quickly it’s crept up on us.  I have put together this post to guide you through the departure day and make sure everything runs smoothly.  You will also get a more formal letter via e-mail shortly. Departure is from Church Street, Spondon.  Meet in […]

Hoodies and polos

The hoodies and polos are now ready, and I started the ’rounds’ yesterday by visiting 27th. I will try to visit all the groups within the next week with a view to getting as much of the clothing out as possible prior to the trip. 27th – Done. 175th – Thursday 10th July – towards […]