Update from the leadership team – August 2012

For those parents that feel we have disappeared off the edge of the planet, I recognise it must seem like ages since you last heard from us – and wanted to provide you with an update.  The leadership team will meet in September to discuss and draft a programme of activities for the trip.  This will be made available to you in early October in the form of the next letter.

I will also provide at this time a personal details form for your son/daughter, which among other things will allow them to say who they would like to share accommodation with and which leader they would prefer to act as their mentor for the trip.  The mentor is a leader who will act as their first port of call should they need someone to speak to, or have any questions during the trip; they will look after spending monies, passports and other valuables, and be responsible for the pastoral care of those in their group.  They will spend a fair amount of time with this person, as mentor groups will be used for several activities (most notably whilst in Prague) and also for cooking and washing up.  For those Scouts who do not feel they know any of the leaders very well at this stage, you are welcome to leave this part of the form blank – they will still be put into a group, but will get the opportunity to change groups closer to the trip.  It is important that we do this early to ensure we can plan for activities and catering logistics.

Starting from October onwards, each group will be responsible for organising a fundraising event for the trip.  You can attend any of these events (please don’t just limit yourself to the one organised by your child’s group) – and the more the merrier.  We will try to ensure a range of different events to meet different interests, and only one ‘sponsorship-style’ event.

Kind regards,

Shaun Maskrey

Contingent Lead – Czech Republic 2014


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